• Ajillity Pilates has given me my life back! Who knew I could ease the pain and life style restrictions after my car accident and whiplash injury. Friendly, professional and patient staff make me keep coming back!

    Kathleen Teralba
  • We recently engaged Jill to attend our office and lead us through a series of lunch time corporate sessions. We were a group of between 6 and 8, all new to pilates. Jill’s enthusiastic approach encouraged us from the outset. She was sure to accommodate our skill level and encouraged us to extend ourselves in a short period. Jill’s knowledge and love of her art is apparent and her warm relaxed attitude puts you at ease.

    Thank you for all your efforts Jill, we all really enjoyed our sessions.

    Osborn Law Newcastle
  • A patient originally came to me for chiropractor treatment with neck pain resulting in headaches. Symptoms subsided quickly however they would return within two weeks and she would need re-alignment. Muscular insufficiencies such as tight hip flexors, weak lower abdominal muscles and tight and weak hip extensors were noticed in her initial Pilates assessment by Jillian. These were addressed with her Pilates training and muscular balance and strength has been retained, stabilising her spinal condition and therefore health.

    Chris Denham Newcastle chiropractor
  • I acquired a brain injury in 2003 and since that time have been involved in a lot of rehabilitation involving Pilates. Pilates has improved my core strength, stability and balance and working on many of my muscles that had become very tight. Now I'm able to walk in a straight line without dragging my leg. Thanking all the staff at Ajillity Pilates for their help, assistance and all their positive feedback to improve my weaknesses.

    Tamara Wallsend
  • Jillian has been instructing Pilates for sport at Whitebridge High over the past 3 years. In this time I have found her to be approachable and willing to assist us in any way to ensure our sport afternoons are run successfully.

    I have witnessed Jillian’s Pilates classes and found them to be professionally run. Students have commented on how much they enjoy her classes and the benefits they achieve from the exercises. Pilates is continuing to be a successful sport choice and I believe this is due to Jillian’s friendly personality and expertise of teaching.

    Meg Robson Sport organiser - Whitebridge High
  • Having started Pilates at 58 years young I wish I had been doing it when I was playing contact sport and very young! I find the sessions physically helpful and wonderfully relaxing, even if there is some exertion (pain) at times.

    All the instructors at Ajillity Pilates are great - so professional, supportive and motivating.

    Mal Warners Bay
  • My son, Justin, has both physical and intellectual disabilities. Jillian was very positive about his capabilities to master his Pilates exercises, and succeeded. Justin has grown very fond of Jillian. His self esteem rose greatly with her help. His posture improved as did his mobility.

    Sally Lake Haven
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Jillian for the past ten years both as a dancer and Pilates instructor. In that time she has proved to be a woman of honesty, diligence and talent.

    Jillian has taught Pilates to many of my students and as well as being an excellent teacher has also become somewhat of a mentor in health to them.

    Marie Walton-Mahon Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy and National Collage of Dance
  • I have been coming to Ajillity Pilates for three weeks now and cannot believe the difference that it has made to my life. Having grown up with a serious back condition, I was unable to continue with a lot of sport and was always making osteopath appointments to help manage the pain. After having two caesareans, I then lost all stomach strength and the weight started piling on. Then came my plantar fasciitis and I thought that I would be limited in movement for the rest of my life. I am pleased to announce that since starting Pilates with Jillian, I am now pain medication free, have only fleeting moments of pain and have lost 6kg! My plantar fasciitis has disappeared and I have so much more mobility. Jillian’s amazing knowledge of Pilates together with how the body moves are a testament to my success. I had been told for years that Pilates would make a difference, but after trying so many other things, I was not convinced as it seemed to be just a bunch of stretching exercises. How wrong I was! I only wish that I had started years ago, and would be pleased to recommend Ajillity to anyone. I have now made Pilates a regular part of my life and look forward to working with Jillian for many years to come. Thank you!

    Julie Warners Bay
  • Jillian has been a great inspiration to me both as a Polestar Pilates mentor and a businesswoman. I have been working with her during my Pilates training over the past year. She has generously shared her skills and experience as she has guided me through my training. Her positivity and clarity have empowered me to achieve my goals in my own Pilates career. I have been so encouraged by her belief in me!

    Jillian's natural warmth, business nouse and authenticity make her stand out amongst the crowd and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

    Liz Armidale
  • I am currently undertaking my Studio Pilate's course through Polestar in Sydney. Jillian Went is a mentor for the program and the only mentor in the Hunter Valley. 

    Jiilian's years of experience and skill are evident during my self mastery and apprentice teaching hours at her studio in Warners Bay. Jillian's extensive knowledge, expertise and professionalism make her an excellent mentor for the program.

    The course is very challenging but Jillian explain things in such a manner that it is easy to understand and apply.

    Jan Maitland
  • Five years ago I was suffering from lower back pain and becoming very stiff with arthritis when I found that I had osteoporosis. A friend recommended I contact Jillian at Ajillity Pilates see if pilates might be of help. Weekly studio sessions with Jillian and the excellent team have made such a difference. Not only has the back pain become a thing of the past and my posture improved but I am now much more flexible and stronger. The staff at Ajillity Pilates have liaised with my physiotherapist to ensure that my individual pilates program includes exercises which I need to improve balance and build strength. Thanks to all at Ajillity Pilates for your expertise, constant encouragement and friendly assistance.

    Diana Adamstown
  • Best Pilates studio that I have ever attended. The staff are so professional and friendly, they really know what they are talking about. I had really bad back pain due to an injury and after attending my first few classes was getting so much relief that I could even sleep at night. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Ajillity Pilates.

    Narelle Charlestown
  • I like to do Pilates because it makes me feel like I can do anything and Pilates helps my dancing and tummy muscles.

    Samantha Dancer, age 9
  • I have noticed progressive change in my body’s strength and tone. My posture and balance have improved remarkably! PILATES IS ADDICTIVE. I feel great. Thank you Jill for your expert guidance and skill.

    Christine Charlestown
  • I have found that Pilates is quite helpful for spinal deformities and back pain. From my observations over 35 years, especially using other exercise programs, I have found that the staff of Ajillity Pilates quite helpful in the following patients: Young patients with spinal deformities as in scoliosis or kyphosis, post operative management following spinal operations, patients with chronic lower back pain and stiffness and patients with fibro myalgia. Quite a lot of my patients find it difficult to maintain home exercise programs and thanks to Ajillity Pilates, I have been shown that we should encourage people to exercise more frequently.

    Professor Y.A.E Ghabrial Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon, Hunter New England Health Services
  • After giving birth to my second child, I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight in just two months. I was amazed at how Pilates helped me during my pregnancy and people are commenting how fabulous I look.

    Amber Warners Bay
  • I owe a big THANK YOU to Jillian and the staff!!!  When I started taking classes at Ajillity Pilates I had been suffering a back injury for more than a year and felt like I would never be normal again. It didn’t take long to start feeling the results and I was able to slowly get back into playing softball. Now it’s just been over a year and for the last several months I have been able to do whatever I want to do. I am able to play softball without wearing a back brace, I can jog for over an hour without stopping and I can ten pin bowl – something which I was told I would never be able to do again. I feel totally normal again – only better.  I couldn’t have done it without you and your team. THANKS SO MUCH!

    Wendy Lake Lands
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